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Best 10 Custom Injection Molding Companies in China

Discover top-notch custom injection molding in China! Explore the best 10 companies for high-quality, tailored solutions. Your satisfaction, our priority!

Leading custom injection molding companies in China


Looking for the best custom injection molding companies in China? You're in the right place! In the vast landscape of manufacturing, finding the right partner for custom injection molding can be a game-changer. Let's explore the top 10 companies in China that excel in delivering personalized and high-quality injection molding solutions.


SZOMK Electronics


SZOMK Electronics

Shenzhen OMK Electronics Co., Ltd. (SZOMK), established in 2009, has cemented its status as an eminent entity in the domain of precision injection molding. Accredited as a National High-tech Enterprise, SZOMK epitomizes the integration of advanced research and development, meticulous manufacturing processes, and comprehensive sales services, catering to the bespoke needs of professional product design, prototype manufacturing, mold design and fabrication, and the production of precision plastic molding products.


Upholding the stringent standards set by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, SZOMK is on a trajectory towards achieving ISO14000 and TS16949 certifications, further reinforcing its commitment to unparalleled quality and reliability. The company's capabilities in producing molds range from 150mm to 1500mm in size and up to 8 tons in weight, illustrating its adeptness in accommodating a broad spectrum of industrial requirements with precision and efficiency.


SZOMK's expertise in precision molding is tailored to serve an array of sectors, including but not limited to electronics, electrical engineering, communications, medical technology, industrial applications, and research projects. The firm is dedicated to engineering products that are synonymous with precision, quality, and durability. Its commitment to innovation positions SZOMK as a vanguard in the injection molding industry, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of its diverse client base.


With an expansive global footprint yet a localized approach to client engagement, SZOMK distinguishes itself as a paramount partner in precision molding. The firm's infrastructure, encompassing 15 years of manufacturing prowess, a 5,000 square meter operational area, a team of over 200 dedicated professionals, and a portfolio exceeding 1,000 mold types, underscores its capacity to deliver solutions that are both innovative and of superior quality, making SZOMK a preferred partner for stakeholders within the manufacturing and design industry seeking expertise in custom injection molding.

What They Offer:


  • Connector Mold
  • Controller Mold
  • Internet of Things Mold
  • Smart Agricultural Mold
  • And other Customized Mold


Injection Moulding Services:


  • Mold Design
  • Mold Making
  • Inject Moulding
  • Surface Treatment


Their website: https://partmold.com/





Huizhou Djmolding Co., Ltd, also known as Jasonmould Industrial Company Limited, marks its prominence in the field of injection molding with its establishment in 2010. Positioned as a frontrunner in the industry within China, Djmolding has carved a niche in the production of plastic molds for a myriad of applications including automotive components, household appliances, medical equipment, electronic devices, safety equipment, and monitoring systems.


Occupying over 15,000 square meters of manufacturing space, Djmolding is equipped with specialized tooling divisions that boast a variety of machinery and expertise. This enables the production of precision tools ranging from the intricate parts of mobile phones to the larger components used in automotive manufacturing. The company's export-oriented approach has seen its tools being sent across the globe, particularly to the USA, Europe, Japan, and the UK, garnering accolades for its diversified strategy and comprehensive service offerings.

Djmolding is driven by a mission to deliver high-quality molding products and services, aiming to surpass customer expectations in terms of pricing, quality, and punctuality. 


What Djmolding Offers:


Precision Moulds and Dies: Specializing in modern precision moulds and dies production, Djmolding leverages digital control processing technology for the design, development, and manufacture of precision plastic injection moulds.

Rapid Prototype Mould Making: Providing quick-turnaround moulds, Djmolding ensures high-quality production in just 15 days, meeting the dynamic needs of clients with efficiency and excellence.

Plastic Tooling and Injection: Djmolding excels in producing high-quality cosmetic plastic tooling and injection, including clear acrylic and polycarbonate moulding, backed by advanced surface technologies to match the latest trends.

Plastic Injection Manufacturing Facility: The facility houses 38 injection machines ranging from 40 to 800 tons, equipped with robots, and has a daily capacity of producing 1.8 tons of plastic parts. It also features dust-free painting rooms, pad printing, silk printing, UV painting, and a CNC machining shop for rapid prototyping and metal machining parts production.


Their website: https://www.jasonmolding.com/


Sositar Mould Company


Sositar Mould Company

SOSITAR MOULD CO., LIMITED, situated in the thriving industrial city of Shenzhen, China, has been at the forefront of plastic moulding technology since its inception in 1998. Specializing in the creation of intricate plastic moulds for a wide array of sectors including automotive, home appliances, medical equipment, electronics, and sporting equipment, SOSITAR has carved a niche for itself in the general industrial OEM applications market. 


With a robust team of over 150 seasoned toolmakers and substantial capital assets exceeding 15 million RMB, SOSITAR boasts a production capacity of 60-80 moulds per month. This impressive capability is complemented by their advanced manufacturing facilities, which include injection molding machines capable of handling parts up to 1500g and presses that operate up to 650 tons. SOSITAR is adept at constructing a variety of plastic moulds and die casts, with dimensions reaching up to 850010008500mm, showcasing their versatility and scale of operations.


SOSITAR's portfolio features an extensive range of plastic injection molding parts tailored for different industries, evidencing their broad expertise and commitment to quality. From components for the automotive sector to intricate parts for medical devices, and from consumer electronics to specialized sporting goods, SOSITAR has demonstrated its capacity to meet the diverse needs of its global clientele with precision and excellence. This commitment to delivering high-quality moulding products and services underscores SOSITAR's position as a leading provider in the plastic moulding industry.


Their website: https://sositarmould.com/





Focare Mould, nestled in the industrious city of Huangyan, Taizhou, China, emerged in the precision tooling industry in 2012 as a distinguished specialist in two-color moulds. With a focus on crafting exceptional plastic injection moulds, Focare Mould has swiftly positioned itself as a leader in the sector, championing the motto "Offer you both mould and guarantee." This ethos underscores their commitment not only to delivering high-end quality moulds but also to ensuring these moulds are unique, flawless, and durable.


At the core of Focare Mould’s excellence is its professional product and mould design team. Recognizing that meticulous design is pivotal for producing functional plastic injection moulds, Focare invests heavily in both product and mould design services, providing comprehensive A to Z design solutions. The team leverages various 2D and 3D software tools to ensure designs are executed with utmost accuracy, reliability, and quality. Whether clients arrive with a mere idea or detailed product drawings, Focare’s design team is equipped to refine concepts, assess material flow within the mould, and address any potential production challenges before fabrication begins.


Focare Mould's commitment to precision extends to its high-precision mould tooling equipment. Boasting a fleet of machinery with varying functions, sizes, and speeds, including CNC lathes from America, Taiwan, and China, Electric Discharge Machines, Precision Surface Grinding Machines, and Turret Milling Machines, Focare ensures that every mould achieves high dimensional accuracy through a blend of conventional wisdom and modern technology.


Their website: http://www.focaremould.com/


Alpine Mold


Alpine Mold

Alpine Mold offers one-stop solutions that span from mold design to the delivery of meticulously finished products. Catering to diverse customer needs, Alpine Mold takes product design ideas and preferred materials from its clients, enhancing and executing these concepts with unparalleled expertise. The procurement of premium materials, optimization of client designs, meticulous mold design, and processing with state-of-the-art equipment culminate in the delivery of exceptional finished products.


Alpine Mold's service repertoire includes high-precision molds and extensive production services essential for new product launches. This encompasses:


Die Casting: Specializing in die casting molds known for excellent dimensional stability, Alpine Mold's engineers craft parts with tight tolerances and thin walls, facilitating the production of parts with intricate details swiftly.


Injection Molding: As a premier injection molding company, Alpine Mold offers complete manufacturing solutions, including custom plastic injection molding that encompasses on-demand prototyping and production, ensuring top-quality injection-molded parts regardless of size or complexity.


Mold Manufacture: Alpine Mold adheres to strict quality standards in plastic injection mold manufacturing, ensuring consistency and superior quality of molded parts. Engineers collaborate closely with clients from mold design to production, optimizing costs without compromising design integrity.


Their website: https://www.alpinemold.com/


Dunhe Technology

Dunhe Technology


Shanghai Dunhe Mold & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2018, emerges as a premier one-stop manufacturer within the precision injection plastic mold sector. This enterprise is dedicated to the intricate processes of designing and manufacturing precision injection molds and assembling precision plastic parts. With a keen focus on automotive parts, automotive wiring harness connectors, and a diverse array of molds for home appliances, electronic components, ampoule disposable packaging materials, and cosmetic packaging materials, Shanghai Dunhe stands out for its comprehensive approach to product development.


Shanghai Dunhe's client base spans across a broad geographical spectrum, including China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and France.


The company's product lineup is extensive, focusing on the design, manufacture, and sale of injection molds, alongside the production and sales of mold cores. Specializations include cosmetics parts molds, electromechanical component molds, vehicle part molds, and a variety of injection products, with a significant emphasis on cosmetics and medical equipment parts.


Their website: https://en.xdunhe.com/




Founded in 1980, SAN CHIA PRECISION has established itself as a premier manufacturer specializing in injection molds for precision plastic gears and plastic parts. The company prides itself on offering a one-stop solution that encompasses mold design, manufacturing, and injection, catering to a wide range of specialized gear modules. 

As a manufacturer with capabilities in OEM and ODM services, SAN CHIA focuses on producing industry-specific plastic gears and parts, as well as providing comprehensive injection mold services. The core of their service category lies in precision plastic gears and parts, encompassing the entire process from molding design to injection.


In the realm of mold design and manufacturing, SAN CHIA excels in creating precision-customized gears and plastic parts. Their expertise extends to the design of precision plastic gears, including a broad array of gear types such as spur, helical, planetary, herringbone, curves, bevel gears, racks, worms, and many more. 

Their website: https://www.plastic-gear.com.tw/


Aria Manufacturing Limited


Aria Manufacturing Limited

Aria stands as a distinguished provider of plastic injection molding services, characterized by its profound expertise and innovative approaches within the sector. Here are four pivotal factors that delineate Aria's injection molding services as unparalleled in the industry:


Limitless Production Possibilities: Aria's operational breadth encompasses an extensive range of plastic injection molding techniques, capable of managing projects necessitating a force range from 60 to 1,800 tons. 
Materials Verification: With a steadfast commitment to quality and compliance, Aria meticulously issues materials verification reports for each injection molding order undertaken. Moreover, the company furnishes certificates of compliance for all utilized materials, guaranteeing that the products manufactured meet the highest standards of quality and safety, thereby ensuring client satisfaction.


Manufacturing Support Through Digitalization: Leveraging the forefront of digital manufacturing technologies, Aria enhances the cost-effectiveness of its injection molding products. Every client benefits from a detailed design for manufacturing report, providing insights aimed at refining production processes and improving product design, thereby optimizing overall project outcomes.


Process Optimization Program: Aria's process optimization program represents a synthesis of data analysis from a multitude of projects, enriched by the company’s extensive knowledge in materials and molding procedures. This initiative facilitates the rapid identification of the most efficacious machining parameters, promoting efficient and superior production quality.


As a professional injection molding supplier, Aria is devoted to addressing the dynamic needs of various industries, solidifying its status as a trusted partner for injection molding requisites.


Their website: https://www.madearia.com/


GuangDong YongChangXing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd

GuangDong YongChangXing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd

GuangDong YongChangXing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd (YCX), established in 2002, is a premier provider in the field of plastic injection molding, with an extensive background in mold design and manufacturing.

It is distinguished by its vast array of advanced machinery specifically tailored for plastic injection molding. This includes Swiss Mikron High-Speed CNC machines, Japan OKK high speed CNCs, and FANUC automatic detection machining centers, along with TOYO Injection Machines, and Toshiba and UBE Die Casting Machines.


The company's expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of services beyond mold design and production, offering comprehensive OEM and ODM services for plastic injection molding. YCX specializes in producing high-quality components for automotive parts, medical equipment, electronics, cosmetic packaging, office and household products, communication and telecommunication facilities, and industrial parts.


Holding prestigious certifications such as TS 16949, ISO 9001, and GB/T 14001-2016, YCX adheres to rigorous international quality standards. With over 20 years of experience in injection molding, YCX is the go-to partner for businesses seeking superior quality, precision, and reliability in their injection molding projects.


Their website: https://www.ycx-mold.com/





TEBATE, established in 2018 and headquartered in Dongguan, China, is a professional injection molding company dedicated to delivering high-quality injection molding solutions. With modern production equipment and a seasoned technical team, TEBATE specializes in a wide array of injection molded products including automotive parts, home appliance parts, medical instruments, and industrial components. 


With 20 years of experience in the field, TEBATE stands as a veteran supplier, ready to contribute to brand building and profit growth for its clients. The company's services include plastic injection molding and mold making, utilizing thermoplastic and thermoset polymers to produce parts of varied complexity and size. TEBATE's expert team offers deep insights into the injection molding process, providing valuable guidance and recommendations for projects while ensuring rigorous quality control for every part produced.


Their website: https://www.tebate.com/




In the world of custom injection molding, these top 10 companies in China stand out as beacons of excellence. Their commitment to quality, modern technology, and customer satisfaction makes them reliable partners for turning your ideas into reality. Whether it's automotive parts, home appliances, or industrial components, these companies have proven their prowess. Choose with confidence and watch your visions come to life!



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